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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting this Sessionize 'Call for Speakers'My name is John Lunn (@jonnychipz) and I am currently in the process of running weekly 'In Conversation with....' pre recorded video 'chats' with prevalent people in the Microsoft Azure Community.Do you have something to say about Azure? or maybe you have some great experiences with Azure? or possibly just starting out on your Cloud learning Journey? Whether your a ITPro, or Business Leader, Intern/Graduate or key stakeholder, it doesn't matter about your status at all. I am on the look out for like minded people to come on the show and have a chat around their area of knowledge/expertise or insight! Would you like to be my next guest on the show? If so, I would love to have you on it! Topic must be related to Azure in some capacity, I will eventually be branching out to other cloud providers, but for now I am looking to stay with Azure topics.Prepare and submit a few key points you would like to portray during our chat.

Fri Jan 1, 2021 to Fri Jan 1, 2021
Jan 1, 2021 to Dec 31, 2023
Jan 14, 2021