DDD Meetups

Location: The world is our stage!

Date created: Feb 3, 2020

URL: https://www.meetup.com/find

There are a growing number of DDD meetups all over the world. Many of them are always looking for speakers or workshop facilitators. By submitting here, you agree that meetup organisers in our network may access your session and information, and may contact you to deliver your session at their event. These events are free of charge for attendees, but may be sponsored by organisations. This Sessionize account is hosted by DDD Europe. The meetups in this network are independent of DDD Europe, and DDD Europe is not involved in your agreements with meetup organisers. For inquiries: contact@dddeurope.com. Talks, workshops, open spaces, lightning talks, tryouts, excursions, experiments, ...

Date conference starts: Thu Nov 1, 2018

Date conference ends: Thu Nov 1, 2018

Date CFP opens: Nov 1, 2018

Date CFP closes: Dec 31, 2030