Rust Meetup Linz

Currently online, later TBD

Welcome, fellow Rustaceans from Linz!We are a group of developers who want to learn more about the Rust programming language. We meet regularly to speak about our findings, experiences, sample projects etc.In the near future, Rust meetups in Linz will be held online. On the long run, we aim for in-person meetings at interesting locations in Linz.Speaking at or attending a Rust meetup in Linz is 100% free. At every meetup, we have between one and three Rust-related short talks (~20 minutes + discussion). Please use this Call for Participation to propose a topic you would like to talk about. We will get in contact with you to discuss the exact date and time.Note that you do not need to be an experienced Rust developer to do a talk at our meetup. If you are just learning and you want to discuss your findings, your input is warmly welcome!Here are some ideas for possible topics. Other ideas? We are looking forward to hearing about them.Cargo Fundamentals (e.g. data types, functions, control flow, collections etc.). Compare Rust's fundamentals to other languages. Memory Ownership Structs, Traits and Enums Functional Programming with Rust Concurrent/async Programming Packages, Crates, Modules TestautomationWeb APIs with Rust CLIs with Rust Interop (C/C++, .NET)Rust and WebassemblyRust in IoT scenariosExperiences from Real-world Rust projectsThe language at the Rust meetup Linz is English. If you are not comfortable speaking English but you would like to do a talk, let us know. This is possible, too.

Sat Aug 1, 2020 to Sat Aug 1, 2020
Jun 16, 2020 to Dec 31, 2039
Jul 12, 2020