Azure Meetup Berlin

Location changes regularly

Welcome to Microsoft Azure Meetup! This is the call for speakers for the meetup and is for everyone, who is interested and/or working with Microsoft Azure technologies e.g.:  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Analytics • Data Scientist s• Development• Big data• IoT • Cloud Computing • DevOps with Azure We focus on technologies based on the Microsoft Azure platform. We hope to develop a strong community in Berlin that meets face to face and has a deep influence on the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. Find out about Azure Services you are interested in and schedule our meetup! Important: This meetup is English only since many of our members come from different countries!This CfS page is always open to collect ideas. We will contact you and make up a fitting date for the meetup with your talk.The talk should have the following least requirements:the topic should have something to do with Azurelength of talks should be 45 or 120 minutes We are open to any suggestions. Here are some suggestions for talks:project reportsintroduction for beginnersdeep dives100% demo talkscoding demosconceptual / philosophy talksarchitectural talksWe are also encouraging new speakers to our meetup! We can give you some hints and tips on what you can do to make your first talk a good one. But most importantly: You need to start somewhere!

Tue Jan 7, 2020 to Tue Jan 7, 2020
Jan 7, 2020 to Jan 7, 2099
Feb 3, 2020