Azure Community Live

Live Online @ Youtube
Azure Community Live is an inclusive online meetup for everyone and by everyone. We're an FREE online event that will be broadcasted onlne live at youtube at regular intervals.This CFP is a continuous process where we will accept people all the time and make a planning on which session to host when.We have 3 hosts making it possible to host events in all time zones.- Lars Klint (Australia) will host the APAC Region.- Esteban Garcia (USA) will host AMERICAS Region.- Geert van der Cruijsen (Netherlands) will host EMEA Region.We accept all Azure related talks and we want to have a diverse crowd of speakers. It doesn't matter if you are a guru speaker or a first timer. Azure Community live can make room for you to host your session on the meetup.All sessions are recorded live on youtube so you can record them from anywhere in the world as long as you have a proper internet connection. We'll be using skype where you can share your screen + video with us and we will broadcast it to the world. We're looking for a diverse crowd that wants to share their knowledge about Azure. Being it real life experiences about an Azure product by someone in the community to technical deep dives by product experts or even product team itself.We're open to a lot of things as long as they are related to Azure.Selecting speakers is a continuous process and we will be hosting this event continuously as well. so don't mind the end date of 2099. this just makes it easier for us to manage. If you have a slot in say February let us know and we'll make something work.Sessions should be +/- 1 hour but we are flexible and can host 45 minutes or sessions a bit longer as well.You may enter multiple talks but we prefer you to only enter with your favorite talk. We want to have a diverse group of speakers so we will only give you 1 session maximum for the first 6 months. 

Wed Dec 16, 2099 to Wed Dec 16, 2099
Dec 15, 2019 to Dec 16, 2099
Feb 3, 2020