DevOne Linz 2019

Date created: Nov 15, 2018


The only constant in the world is change. Our mission at DevOne is to embrace change. To grow, to scale, to let in new technology as it transforms us as people.

In our third year, we want to take small steps to the big leaps of humanity. By inviting engineers from all over the world who found solutions to problems beyond our imagination.

It's time to look for New Horizons!

Face this world. Learn its ways, watch it, be careful of too hasty guesses at its meaning. In the end you will find clues to it all. — H.G. Wells

Date conference starts: Thu Apr 11, 2019

Date conference ends: Thu Apr 11, 2019

Date CFP opens: Nov 13, 2018

Date CFP closes: Feb 1, 2019