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Jenkins vs Circle vs Travis

45 minute intermediate seminar


Lot of developers and teams are interested in doing testing, but don’t know how and some of the most often seen excuses are:

1) We don’t have time for it 2) Who is going to write those tests? 3) Who is going to maintain those tests? 4) Who is going to run all of those tests after each change?

This talk will cover #4 and introduce you to world of continuous integration and how this tools can help you build better software faster. Yes, faster and better. While there are other options too, this talk will cover: Jenkins, CircleCI and Travis CI, 3 very popular solutions. Main point of the talk will be what they can do, how they do it and what are the main or subtle differences between them.

Must run everything from inside company or don't wanna hassle with your own CI server? Want to test on multiple PHP/Ruby/Python/{PUT-YOUR-OWN-CUP-OF-TEA} versions? Running open source code or proprietary one (or both in many cases)? Using GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or your own git server: which ones can I use?

There are subtle and not so subtle differences between them, come and learn more about them so you can bring an informed decision to your team.