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Code-review? Upgrade? Refactoring? Let Your CI Help and Work for You

30 minute intermediate seminar


Are you a team of 1 senior and you're the only one making code-review? Or you already make cod-review, but get tired of waiting for the feedback from others for days or even weeks?

What if you could get senior-level feedback in 5 minutes after pushing your commits? But not just once, every time you send your PR... During the weekend, at 3 AM or after getting back from the party?

And not just "you have an extra space before bracket" feedback, but also pattern misuse, project conventions, SOLID violations, tips from years of practice.

And why stopping there... from code-reviews to PHP and all packages upgrades and refactorings to better quality. All done for you, with your permission and control.

In my talk, I will show you how to achieve this with automated tools, that you set-up once and forget. Improve on a daily basis.

If you're junior, you'll have your own senior adviser 24/7 - it will be nice to you, here for you and is only concerned about making you a better developer.

If you're senior, you'll have free time to take care of your project, while keeping your team educated and growing without taking you any energy or attention.