KulenDayz 2020

Location: Osijek, Osječko-Baranjska, Croatia

Date created: Jun 27, 2020

URL: http://www.kulendayz.com


*KulenDayz going with online audience this year*expertise 100-400lvl

*absolutely no marketing sessions

KulenDayz through years has profiled as an informal relaxed conference. This is why we invite you to submit sessions which can be "interactive" with the audience.Due to the "situation" and "limitations" this year will be a bit different! We invite our dear speakers to come and join us at our venue in Didin Konak and present from our "stage" there, but unfortunately, our attendees would need to stay home... All speakers would have 2 screens in front of them, one with the slide deck and the other with interactive questions.
Technology wise — we are open to all technologies. We are not "MS Only" conference. We want to refresh our conference with new content and include sessions about various front-end/back-end/cloud/design technologies and exciting open source projects!
One of the main goals for this year is content quality, so this year we will have fewer sessions, but only top class. We would love to see interactive sessions content with discussions at the end — "What do you think guys, does this makes any sense to you?" — kind of discussions. Each track will have a moderator that will motivate the discussion and perhaps ask some questions at the beginning.

Target audience is very broad, from university students with practically no experience to the top-notch experts, so please execute your sessions in a way that it covers basics first if it goes into bleeding edge technology later...Looking forward to seeing you at KulenDayz!

Date conference starts: Fri Sep 4, 2020

Date conference ends: Fri Sep 4, 2020

Date CFP opens: Jun 29, 2020

Date CFP closes: Jul 29, 2020