Symposium is an under-development site for conference speakers and conference organizers.

Conference Speakers

Symposium helps conference speakers plan and manage talk abstracts, CFP submissions, bios, photos, and speaking schedule.


Track all of your talks, each with one or more versions (e.g. "Professional" vs. "Amateur" for audience, or maybe "Lightning" vs. "Keynote" for length), and each version with a full revision history.

Look at which version of each talk you submitted to each conference, and how many times each talk has been accepted and rejected.


Store and version multiple biographies for sending in with your talk submissions.


Store multiple revisions of your bio photos, ready to grab and upload with your talk submissions.


Find which conferences you're interested in applying to speak at; favorite them, track them, and get reminders when their CFPs open and close.

Track which conferences have accepted or rejected your talk submissions.

Conference Organizers

Symposium helps conference organizers receive submissions (by allowing speakers to submit to any conference powered by a CFP platform that's compatible with Symposium).