ArqConf Summit Latam 2020

Location: Online

Date created: Oct 7, 2020


¡Llega el Summit del año! Este 25 y 26 de Noviembre tendrá lugar un evento para toda la comunidad IT de Latinoamérica.IT Architecture Conference - Latin America - 2020     We expect trend / fashion topics about real cases related to the following topics:Architectural Thinking & MethodologyMicroservices and ServerlessContainers & KubernetesAPI ThinkingReactive architecturesFrontend ArchitectureAll your different suggestions are welcome!The presentation will take no longer than 35min (including 5min Q&A)

Date conference starts: Thu Nov 25, 2021

Date conference ends: Thu Nov 25, 2021

Date CFP opens: Oct 6, 2020

Date CFP closes: Nov 17, 2020