Little Rock Tech Fest 2020

Location: State House Convention Center

Date created: Mar 2, 2020


Little Rock Tech Fest 2020 will be Oct. 7th & 8th & 9th at the State House Convention Center in Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. The three-day event is focused on bringing professional software developer topics that expand their skill set and expose them to relevant changes in the software development.  We have two different formats that we will be filling with the CFP:Hourly Sessions - These are 40 min sessions with 10 minutes reserved for Q&AWorkshop Sessions -These sessions are 1.5hr workshops (or if longer..let's talk) for more in-depth coverage of a topic.First round of speaker notifications will be made on August 1st and later entries will be made by Sept. 7th.Thank you in advance for your submission, and we look forward to hearing you share your knowledge about software and technology at our event.Software Design is returning to the basics and covers a variety of topics. It’s learning not just how to write code, but to do it right. Topics would include:
 writing and designing code to be scalable, extensible, fast, but not complex
 OOP and functional programming,
 philosophical ramblings on n-tier architecture
Security when done right goes completely unnoticed. Subjects that will help you stay out of the headlines would include:
 How to not use ROT13
 Protecting user information
 Keeping software and infrastructure secure
 What is “OWASP top 10” and why should I care?
UX Design is creating software experiences that engage the user and make them want to use your software again. Considering not only how the application looks but also how easy it is for the user to use it. Topic would include:
 Grid Layout vs. Flexbox
 CSS - SaSS/Less
 Color design
 Intuitive interfaces
Internet of Things is connecting devices to the internet enabling them to send and receive information. This could be gathering data for your business or tinkering with a home automation device. Topics would include:
 Data collection to improve product or service
 Prototyping with Raspberry-Pi’s and Arduino
 Working with home automation
 Creating Alexa skills
Beyond the Code – Can’t get along with your co-workers? Maybe it’s not them. We spend the majority of our time talking to computers, but we still need to communicate to each other. Topics would include:
 Becoming a better leader
 Improving collaboration and communication
 What’s the difference between Kanban and Scrum
 Creating psychological safety within a team
Data Science - Regardless of whether an application generates a lot or a little data, it should be used to make intelligent decisions. Topics would include:
 Capturing data and presenting to stakeholders
 Artificial Intelligence
 Big Data
 Machine learning
 Data Analytics
 Graph Databases
Web / Mobile Development is making sense of the 100 ways to build a website and make it work with any device. Topics would include:
 Angular / VueJS / Ember
 Developing iOS / Android apps
 Hosting a site
DevOps is streamlining the process of taking code from development into production. These topics will help you avoid the “it works on my machine!” syndrome. Topics would include:
 Thinking about deployment and support from day one.
 How to lead the market by quickly deploying code
 Automating deployment processes
 Decreasing feedback loop
Other topics that you think are important and would add to Little Rock Tech Fest? We would love to hear it. Choose this topic and let us know how your talk would add to the knowledge and skills of a tech professional.

Date conference starts: Wed Oct 7, 2020

Date conference ends: Wed Oct 7, 2020

Date CFP opens: Mar 1, 2020

Date CFP closes: May 31, 2020