DevOpsDays Zurich 2020

Location: Alte Kaserne, Technikumstrasse 8

Date created: Feb 3, 2020


DevOpsDays Zurich is a self-organizing conference for DevOps practitioners, and part of the worldwide community of DevOpsDays events.It brings together leaders in Software Development, IT Operations, QA, InfoSec, and IT Management to collaborate and learn from each other. It is both a technical conference and a conference focusing on culture, processes, and structure within organizations.We encourage people with technology and business background to attend, learn and share experiences.The 2020 event will be the fourth time we have DevOpsDays in Zurich. On Sep. 8th and 9th 2020 we expect 250 people to join us in the Alte Kaserne in Winterthur. Winterthur is only 20 minutes by train from Zurich Central Station and 15 minutes from Zurich Airport.DevOpsDays Zurich is a single track, english language conference with various formats30min talk5min Ignite talk (20 slides, auto-forwarding)Open Spaces (self-organized during conference)Workshop (hands-on sessions in a classroom setting)In summary, each day will consist of a mix of talks, ignites, open spaces, and workshops. There will be an evening party for all participants scheduled for the evening of Sep 8th. A great opportunity for networking, mingling and having a good time. Thank you for considering a submission for DevOpsDays Zurich 2020.Submit as many proposals as you like. We're looking for these formats30min talks (full audience)5min Ignite talks (20 slides, auto-forwarding, full audience) Workshops (hands-on sessions in a classroom setting, limited audience)on various topics realted to the DevOps idea. This could be (but is not limited to):Software DevelopmentOperationsInformation SecurityQuality AssuranceCultural ChangeToolsExperience ReportsMonitoring/ObservabilityPeople ManagementIT Service ManagementAgile...oh, yes sure, also Kubernetes ;-)Our criteria for selection include (but are not limited to):Original content (content not yet presented at other conferences)New presenters (people who are new to the space and have insightful stuff to say)No vendor pitches (but why not promote your stuff at a sponsoring both on the event?)

Date conference starts: Tue Sep 8, 2020

Date conference ends: Tue Sep 8, 2020

Date CFP opens: Nov 18, 2019

Date CFP closes: Mar 15, 2020