Cloud Native Best Practices Summit 2020 (CNBPS 2020)第三届云原生技术实践峰会

Location: Online

Date created: Sep 25, 2020


The third Cloud Native Best Practices Summit (CNBPS 2020) is coming! This is the annual technology event in the field of Cloud Native. CNBPS is hosted by The Cloud Native Best Practices Alliance (CNBPA) and sponsored by AWS, Intel and Alauda. It has been held twice since 2018. CNBPS is one of the most influential cloud native technology events and has become a benchmark conference brand in the cloud native field.第三届云原生技术实践峰会(CNBPS 2020)来了!这是云原生领域一年一度的科技盛会。云原生技术实践峰会(CNBPS)由云原生技术实践联盟(CNBPA)主办,始自2018年,至今已举办两届。CNBPS是业内最富影响力的云原生技术盛会之一,已成为云原生领域的标杆会议品牌。GlobalCNBPS 2020 is global. In addition to domestic well-known IT technology enterprises and industry customers, will also invite foreign tech gurus,opinion leaders and customers in the field of cloud native.CNBPS 2020将视野投向全球。除了国内知名技术厂商和行业客户,还将邀请国外云原生领域的技术大咖及客户代表。Full stackThe topic scope is broader, not limited to container /K8s, DevOps, microservices, but also expanded to cloud native infrastructure, development process, application architecture, data services, open source, etc.议题范围更加广泛,不再局限于容器/K8s、DevOps、微服务,还将拓展到云原生相关的其他技术领域,对云原生基础设施、开发流程、应用架构、数据服务、开源等方向进行解读。Omni-channelThe CNBPS2020 will be held through online at the end of November.本届 CNBPS2020 将通过线上+线下全渠道形式举办。11月,让我们突破时空的界限,云端相见! Date:CFP Opens:Sep. 21CFP Closes:Oct. 24CFP Notifications:Oct. 27Schedule Announcement: Nov. 5Topic:"1+X", 1 refers to the container, and X refers to the cloud native infrastructure, development process, application architecture, data service,etc.This is a community meeting. Please try to avoid promoting products.“1+X”,1为容器,X为围绕容器所建立的云原生基础设施、开发流程、应用架构、数据服务等领域。这是一场社区会议,请尽量避免推销产品。Speakers:1. Practical development experience in cloud native related technical direction (such as container /Kubernetes, DevOps, micro-service, Serverless, middleware, database, storage, network, etc.);2. Have breakthrough and innovation in some point of cloud native technology, or have deep insights;3. Having online and offline summit, Meetup, technical salon, workshop, etc. to share experience is preferred (not required);The Proposal please refer to the following:1.Why do you want to make this speech?2. What do you want the audience to gain from the speech?3. Explain how the topic relates to cloud native technologies.

Date conference starts: Thu Nov 19, 2020

Date conference ends: Thu Nov 19, 2020

Date CFP opens: Sep 24, 2020

Date CFP closes: Oct 24, 2020