Location: Online

Date created: Aug 26, 2020


Are you a Microsoft 365 developer? Do you find that most conferences leave you wanting more?Tech conferences rarely cover in-depth coding sessions -- whether it due to lack of time, or in order to appeal to a broader audience.This virtual conference is for you!Sufficient time for each session will allow you to cover more code (and less PowerPoint), this.develop(365); is meant for those of us who want to up their coding skills with Microsoft 365 technologies.And, if there's enough time, maybe we can have a healthy debate about tabs vs spaces... Welcome developers!Do you have Microsoft 365 development topics that you've always wanted to present about, but never had a chance to do so because your topic was too "in-depth" or didn't reach a "broad enough" audience?Now is your chance!We're looking for introductory, intermediate, and in-depth sessions that will provide our audience with technical content -- not marketing materials. Don't be afraid to crack open Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code!Even introductory sessions should cover enough technical material to get people started with developing Microsoft 365.We won't apologize for in-depth content!!!Sessions will be live (80-minutes) or pre-recorded (of any duration you wish). To accommodate international speakers, we'll try to schedule your live sessions during your preferred time. Pre-recorded sessions will be available on-demand.

Date conference starts: Wed Oct 21, 2020

Date conference ends: Wed Oct 21, 2020

Date CFP opens: Aug 21, 2020

Date CFP closes: Sep 26, 2020