Michigan Codery

Location: Southfield, Michigan, United States

Date created: Feb 3, 2020

URL: https://michigancodery.org

Michigan Codery (Formerly MIGANG) is a developer group from Southeast Michigan who's mission is to help Tech Professionals grow and thrive. We like to give our members a choice for what they see, so please submit as many talks as you like and if we confirm you for a month our members will choose which talk to see! We'll give you plenty of warning, in case you need to write something! :)
Michigan Codery is looking for sessions that the modern full stack developer would find interesting. Topics can range from hard to soft skills, and any tech stack; except java. :)

Date conference starts: Wed Jan 1, 2020

Date conference ends: Wed Jan 1, 2020

Date CFP opens: Jan 13, 2020

Date CFP closes: Dec 30, 2020