2021 NCCI Annual Conference

Location: Online

Date created: Jan 13, 2021

URL: https://www.ncci-cu.org/annualconference

The Conference Committee is excited to welcome you to NCCI's second virtual Annual Conference, July 21-22, 2021! The team is planning a rich and engaging educational experience that will include keynotes, ample educational sessions, networking opportunities, and more.We want you to be a part of the 2021 Annual Conference by submitting an educational session. We are seeking sessions that cover the wide array of skills needed within the profession and address the complex issues and challenges confronted by higher education. Strategy and improvement efforts related to academic, operational, financial, technical, and campus community engagement are of great interest for the 2021 Conference. We especially seek proposals that will enrich participants with practical, imaginative, and innovative applications for assessment, design, planning, implementation and highly effective leadership practice. Speakers will receive selection notifications by early April. Questions? Contact info@ncci-cu.org. Please note, you and any co-presenters will need to create an account and profile with Sessionize, NCCI's new platform for managing sessions, prior to submitting. After submitting a session proposal, co-presenters will need to accept their Sessionize invite within 10 days.  Preparing a Session SubmissionAs you prepare your submission, ensure your proposal:Will fill a knowledge gap and/or provide information needed by colleaguesAnswers a question or offers a solution to a problemIs succinct, uses proper grammar and spelling, minimizes jargon, and uses concrete/specific languageIdentifies learning outcomes, audience level, and all other questions posed in the submission formReflects a session you can commit to creating and presentingEligibility GuidelinesEvery presenter at the NCCI Annual Conference must be registered for the event. Speakers are responsible for expenses incurred in conjunction with the conference. Members are eligible for the $195 individual early rate or as a part of the $495 unlimited institutional rate. Nonmembers are eligible for the $295 individual early rate. Additionally, all presenters must be one of the following:A professional or student at a NCCI member institution.A professional or student at a nonmember higher education institution. Nonmembers are encouraged to present with NCCI members whenever possible.A NCCI sponsor at the $5,000 level with a co-presenter from a NCCI member institution. If the session does not include a member co-presenter, a sponsorship at a minimum level of $10,000 is required.Technical StandardsTo successfully deliver your content virtually, we will require each presenter to:Participate in a training session to discuss technology and logistics. Use a desktop or laptop computer with stable internet connection, webcam, microphone, and adequate lighting for the duration of the session.Provide presentation materials for posting to the NCCI website by July 9.Inform NCCI with more than two weeks notice if an unavoidable conflict arises, making every attempt to record or substitute a presenter.Grant NCCI permission to record, stream, broadcast, distribute, and subsequently utilize all session content without any expectation of rights, remuneration, or interest unless otherwise specified and agreed upon in writing with NCCI.Be publicly listed as a session presenter. InclusionNCCI is committed to providing welcoming, safe, and inclusive learning environments at its conferences and events. During our programs, we want all participants to share ideas, network, and enjoy the company of others, and we recognize that our ability to create this experience depends on the behavior of all in attendance. Event speakers are expected to conduct themselves according to NCCI's values and the ethical standards of the profession. All members of the NCCI community are to be considerate; refrain from any demeaning, harassing, or discriminatory behavior or speech; and immediately comply with any requests to discontinue objectionable behavior. The following are examples of unacceptable behavior:   Offensive, hostile, or derogatory comments.Disruptive actions unrelated to the intended purpose of the event.Conduct that demonstrates a lack of professionalism or respect for another individual.We ask that all presenters at the NCCI conference be mindful that our audiences include professionals from all types of campuses and educational institutions, as well as corporate and nonprofit members and partners. Every effort is expected of presenters and speakers to include appropriate language, material, and examples for NCCI's community.

Date conference starts: Wed Jul 21, 2021

Date conference ends: Wed Jul 21, 2021

Date CFP opens: Jan 13, 2021

Date CFP closes: Feb 25, 2021