PyBay2020 Digital Edition

Location: Online

Date created: Jun 27, 2020


PyBay2020 is the conference for developers around the world to get connected with each other, learn the latest in development in Python, and get inspired during this unprecedented time! The 5th year conference will be held online, the program includes:25 and 40-mins talks featuring advances in core Python and how industries / hobbyists are applying them5-mins lightning talks NEW!  Technologies/programs your peers have built to ease Covid-19's impact or increase racial/gender equalityNEW!  Fireside chat with Python luminaries and selected speakers NEW!  Sponsored workshops to deep dive on tools and technologies NEW!  Attendees initiated video breakout rooms (think open spaces at PyCon)We are expecting 1000+ enthusiastic Pythonistas joining from their couch at home, lounge chairs by the beach, or any where they can find internet connection from around world! After the conference is over, your talk will be available on SF Python's YouTube channel with over 12,000 subscribers and other relevant sites.  We look forward to your contributions in reinventing the way Pythonistas gather and collaborate with each other going forward!   TOPICS SEEKINGAs with past PyBay's, our audience are technical and favors in-depth talks with actionable takeaways in the following themes:Python Fundamentals & Popular Python Libraries - delight us with core or third party libraries found in the Python ecosystem both popular and lesser known.Speed, Scale, and Performance - inspire the community in ways to supercharge their project with improved speed, scale, and performance.Devops, Automation, and Testing - help fellow Pythonistas to automate all the things.Machine Learning, AI, and Data - share the latest: ETL tools, libraries for analysis and visualization, machine learning and AI technologies are all welcome.Web, Internet of Things, and Hardware - captivate the community with knowledge in web frameworks, IoT, and hardware.People and Project Management - share best practices in managing projects and working with people, we’re all human after all.For our 5th annual conference, we also want to uplift the global community by highlighting projects that inspire or help us cope during this unprecedented time. As such, we are reserving talk slots to show case: technologies developed to ease the effects of the pandemic, andprojects that aims to ease racial and/or gender inequalitiesEVALUATION GUIDELINES Your title, description, and abstract should sell your talk or workshop to attendees and reviewers. They should answer the questions: Why should I attend this? What will I learn? What makes this a compelling talk?The longer the talk, the more picky our content team will be!We favor proposals that have:Actionable takeaways for attendees. What is the tangible impact of your talk on attendees and their teams?Go into details rather than staying at a high level. Can you show some code?Have a broad appeal vs. a narrow audienceEngaging, inspiring, and fun deliverySELECTION PROCESS In the first phase of the selection process, we only consider talk information, not speaker information. In the second phase, we consider speaker information, if needed. Our goal is to determine the program largely by talk content while still ensuring a diversity of talks and speakers. We plan to let you know by mid-July.We look forward to your sharing your wisdom to 1000+ Pythonistas in SF Bay Area and around the world!

Date conference starts: Sat Aug 15, 2020

Date conference ends: Sat Aug 15, 2020

Date CFP opens: Jun 26, 2020

Date CFP closes: Jul 8, 2020