Codegarden 2023

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Codegarden is the biggest international Umbraco conference in the world, organized by Umbraco HQ - the company behind the Umbraco CMS. We want Codegarden to be the ultimate experience for developers and people working with Umbraco. To do this, our goal is to give current and future Umbracians from around the world the chance to connect, share ideas, and attend great sessions ranging from general topics to niche technical sessions, and case studies.Who can join the Codegarden stage? We would like to see the best Codegarden program ever, with a diverse speaker lineup. To make that happen, we need your ideas and input. We want to hear from developers, designers, and practitioners from every corner of the Umbraco ecosystem. Whether you have in mind a great in-depth technical session targeting developers, a creative session targeting designers or content creators, or a case-study targeting the wider audience, the Codegarden stage is the place to present it! What topics can be featured at Codegarden? TechnicalYour talk targets .NET developers and DevOps with a strong focus on code and the technical part of working with Umbraco. The talk delves into Umbraco and will give any developer an edge in the fast-moving world of the Umbraco CMS.CreativeYour talk targets web designers and web developers. The audience can expect design-focused talks that might contain HTML, JavaScript, or CSS, but none (or very little) .NET code. Innovative case studiesYour talk targets anyone interested in real-world examples and case studies, that can inspire the audience and leave them with practical and actionable takeaways.   Developer Life Your talk focuses on developer learning experinces and sharing ideas and stories that are engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking. The talk can cover career stories that inspire the audience and leave them with practical and acionable takeaways. Session length For Codegarden 2023 each speaker will have 35 minutes to do their presentation. This also includes the time for any Q&A. However, the Q&A is optional for each speaker to include or not include in their presentation. Do you have another new idea? We welcome any new ideas you have for a talk that you believe would be a great fit for the Codegarden stage and audience. However, there are talks that we are unable to include in the program as they are not aligned with the conference goals: Promotional talks and pitches Proposals that do not comply with Codegarden's Code of Conduct How do we select the speakers? A panel of reviewers with different backgrounds and perspectives will review all submitted proposals. Each reviewer will rate each submission and add a comment.Once the first review is finished, the next phase starts by discussing the top-rated proposals. The final decision is made based on the time slots available and the diversity of the topics. As much as we would like to accept as many proposals as possible, we are not always able to confirm a time slot for each of the proposals that received a positive review. Can I submit more than one proposal? Each speaker can submit up to two proposals. Due to logistics around around sessions, program, and speaker management, co-speakers are not allowed. If you would like to bring a co-speaker to your session, please add a note to the organizers for exceptional cases (for example, you are submitting a case study that covers technical and commercial aspects highlighting the exceptional use of Umbraco). Will it be possible to join as a remote speaker? No. Speaking remotely at Codegarden 2023 is not an opportunity, as we want to give the speaker the best possible experience when speaking at our conference. We believe that the best speaking experience come from attending and delivering in-person. When can I expect to hear back from you? We are accepting submissions from the 1st of November 2022.The submissions automatically close on the 10th of February 2023 at 11:59 pm CET. You will hear from us no later than the 15th of March 2023. Diversity pledge We believe that a diverse environment fosters creativity, knowledge sharing, and innovation. To achieve this, we are actively seeking to increase the diversity of the Codegarden speakers and attendees through the active support of a diverse speaker lineup and offering diversity scholarships. At Codegarden 2023 we aim to feature speakers from different backgrounds, genders, and geographic locations. Therefore, we encourage people from all backgrounds, abilities, and experiences to submit their proposals, and we will provide a package for speakers that helps to promote inclusion.  Furthermore, we are committed to creating an event that falls in line with our Code of Conduct provideing a safe, inclusive and hence, fun atmosphere for all who attend.Find more information on Diversity and Inclusion on our website. What if I need help with my submission or my talk? Who can help? If you have any questions or uncertainties about your submision or your talk, please don't hesitate to reach out to Steffie, our head of events, at When you are selected as one of our speakers, you will get access to our speaker coach Adam Montandon from Speakers Impact network who will help you in both group and individual sessions with your talk.Other practical information for your submission Please submit speaker bio and speaker picture, as these will be displayed on the conference website, once the talk is accepted and confirmed.Please submit the speaker bio in 3rd person. Make the session title and description shine, and keep in mind the main takeaways from the talk. The Notes field is meant for any special requirements or information which doesn't fit into the description of the talk. 

Mon Jun 12, 2023 to Mon Jun 12, 2023
Feb 10, 2023 to Feb 10, 2023
Feb 10, 2023