Location: Online

Date created: Oct 15, 2020


Curaçao Tech Meetups presents the DIGITAL BUILDUP MARATHON. This event will take place in October and November. The intention is to start building Curaçao up, in a digital way. ONLINE FACILITATORAn online facilitator is seen as a person who regulates discussions to provide consistent opportunities for communication and collaboration. This can take the form of asking questions or suggesting alternative approaches- whilst also accepting the views presented- to stimulate discussion. You will be responsible to guide the process around design sprint to come and create viable solutions.SPEAKERSWe are ready to welcome you as one of our great speakers. Are you a speaker with the ability to inspire others in future based skillsets and future proof mindset? Do join our event.ONLINE AND SKILLS WORKSHOPWe are looking for the best people in our industry to give workshops about: Design Sprint, Back-End Programming, Front-End Programming and other skills of the future.

Date conference starts: Mon Jan 18, 2021

Date conference ends: Mon Jan 18, 2021

Date CFP opens: Oct 29, 2020

Date CFP closes: Nov 4, 2021