Regional Scrum Gathering South Africa 2021

Location: Lagoon Beach Hotel

Date created: Jul 21, 2020


Numerous instances of the Regional Scrum Gathering®, supported by Scrum Alliance, take place around the globe every year. South Africa’s event has been running for over ten years. It enjoys a reputation for being an excellent place to learn and to connect with the Agile and Scrum community; making it a popular, highly anticipated event in the calendar.We are looking for speakers to present talks and workshops to embrace simplicity in our community of Agilists.All accepted speakers and co-speakers will be eligible for a ticket to attend the full conference. We also have a generous travel and accommodation policy, detailed in our Speaker T&Cs below.Please ensure that you have familiarised yourself with the conference Theme, Tracks, Code of Conduct, and Speaker T&Cs before you make a submission. By making a submission into the SGZA 2021 system, you’re declaring that you have full knowledge of the content below:Conference ThemeConference TracksSpeaker Terms & ConditionsSUGSA Code of Conduct Conference Theme: Embracing SimplicityIn a world in which complexity seems to be rapidly increasing, how do we embrace simplicity and effectively maximize the amount of work not done in our approaches?This year we’re looking for perspectives and insights that embrace the avoidance of waste and reduce overt complexity to achieve ultimate sophistication.We’d like to explore opposing positions, discover unexpected views and leave with a slightly more open, inclusive view of the world.There is so much knowledge and wisdom in our community - we’re looking for speakers and attendees that will help us to create a conference which not only creates a safe space to learn but deep dives into what it means to embrace simplicity as an Agilist. We value:New ideas over old contentSpecific opinion over one-size-fits-allOwn experiences from the field over theoryInteractive sessions over sit-and-listen (but there’s room for both)We want to be sure:Your proposal supports our theme – Embracing Simplicity – and that it contributes depth (or breadth) to the community’s discussionsYou can comfortably deliver what you’re proposing, regardless of whether you are well known or a first-timer on the conference speaking scenePeople will be excited and intrigued to attend your sessionPeople will get something of value from the time spent in your sessionYou don’t need to achieve all the points above, but if you don’t hit at least a few of them, you need to give it more thought.How to get rejected:Include a same-old, same-old topic or approach (unless there’s a new twist or a truly deep experience base)Include thinly-veiled (or unveiled) marketing or promotion of servicesYour submission’s golden thread and “Why?” are difficult to follow or understandIt does not appear that an adequate level of effort was involved in your submissionInclude specific personally-identifying information (name, the company you work for) in the body of the submission – please do not do this – we follow a blind review and selection process (we hide names of people submitting in the system so that the selection process is free from bias)Your submission doesn’t address any of the topic tracks outlined below(Thanks to Let’s Test SA for inspiring us to clarify the CFP in this style)Our Topic Tracks - For additional information on the Topic Tracks as well as guidelines and FAQs for the submission process, please refer to this webpageBreaking Down Barriers:This track will offer the attendee simple and practical ways in which we can breakdown the invisible wall between new ways of working and traditional ways of working. We want to share some of the realities that we face every day and present ways in which we have overcome challenges in our organizations.Back To Basics:The Back to Basics track will offer attendees the opportunity to discover and explore ideas, techniques, and concepts that solve problems in their simplest form. This track aims to share the foundational knowledge needed for agility to thrive.Communication & Collaboration:This track aims to offer attendees the simplest proven and practical ways to improve communication and achieve effective collaboration. We encourage you to share your experience coaching, mentoring or facilitating both in-person and distributed improvements.Leadership Excellence:The Leadership Excellence track will offer attendees an insightful look into what excellence in leadership means, and how they can support, empower or create Leadership Excellence. We want to know more about the ways that Embracing Simplicity in leadership can promote excellence in Agile?

Date conference starts: Thu Feb 25, 2021

Date conference ends: Thu Feb 25, 2021

Date CFP opens: Jul 8, 2020

Date CFP closes: Oct 14, 2020