Web Summer Camp 2021

Hotel Elaphusa****, Bol, Croatia
We would love for you to hold a hands-on or an engaging workshop at our conference.Every year since 2012, we have had the leading experts come hold workshops and experience a warm and friendly atmosphere created by the web community. Check the list of some of our previous speakers.Join us for the last days of summer in the enchanting town of Bol, Croatia famous for its Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) beach. Check out our Travel and Location pages for more information.This year, we look for workshops for 3 tracks – PHP, Symfony, JavaScript – so our areas of interest include:PHP: BDD/TDD, Software Architecture, AI/ML, Patterns, Best Practices, Middleware, PHP internals, Schema Design, etcSymfony: Components, Best Practices, Advanced topics, Apps/tools like eZ Platform or Sylius, Caching, etcJavascript: PWA, Service Workers, React, Vue, AI/ML, Testing, Patterns, Best Practices, Performance, etcIf one of these subjects hit the spot and you have a non-beginner 3-hour (half-day) or 6-hour (full-day) workshop in mind, send us your idea by 30 January 2021  We encourage your company or an interested party to sponsor you. By paying for your travel and accommodation costs, they have an opportunity to become our Bronze Sponsors. If interested, contact us by email.One co-speaker is welcome, but we can't cover her/his expenses. We do provide a complimentary conference pass.If selected we will need to sign a volunteering agreement for our records and tax authority. For that we will ask you later your personal identification number.Also, please, consult our Code of Conduct.

Wed Aug 25, 2021 to Wed Aug 25, 2021
Jan 30, 2020 to Jan 30, 2021
Apr 28, 2020