droidcon Italy

Location: OGR Torino, Corso Castelfidardo 22

Date created: May 1, 2020

URL: https://it.droidcon.com/2020

Selection processProposals will be filtered and shortlisted by a Call for Papers Committee. Deadline: 20 January 2020  25 January. Help us to understand your past speaking experience: add links to videos and slides of your past talks. And help the Committee to better assess your application: provide us with blog posts or papers on the importance of a particular problem statement and how it is tackled.Original talks (not previously presented at other conferences) will be given priorityProposals can be modified by the owner at any time — although kindly let the organisers know any time you do modify your session(s) or data after the Call for Papers has ended.The online votes will be considered in the selection of proposals but will not bind the judgement; they could be used in case of ties to pick one session over another, but there’s other criteria as well.It's possible to submit your proposal publicly or privately. In case of private submission, only the staff can see it until the conference schedule is posted.by submitting a proposal you accept our Privacy PolicyYou can read the details of how the Committee works and how sessions are selected by reading this article.Your abstractMake sure it clearly and concisely communicates your idea (~1000 characters if possible).Original talks (not previously presented at any other conferences) will be given prority, please let us know if this is a new talk.Make sure your abstract makes the value your talk obvious for the Committee and for the audience; be relevant to the audience of Android developers.Describe who specifically your talk is addressing.Choose between a ~45 minute talk, or a workshop.Tell us how innovative your topic is — what is new and exciting!Outline what the audience will learn and takeaway from your presentation.Please note, the conference language is English.We are looking for:DevelopersCompanies developing softwareResearch institutions with Android relevant activitiesNetwork operators and service providersHardware manufacturersCompanies, organisations and individuals utilising Android in new areasCompanies utilising Android in the services and products they sellAbout droidconAs Italy’s most important Android event, droidcon Italy supports the Android platform in its unique approach of openness and shared learning by bringing together developers and suppliers. The event has an impressively international feel with speakers, sponsors and delegates participating from around the globe. In the spirit of the Android platform, droidcon welcomes involvement and contribution from the Android community.droidcon Turin, 16 - 17 April 2020We look forward to your application.Accommodation and traveldroidcon Italy is organised by Synesthesia Srl, a software house that has been operating for over ten years in the heart of Turin. For selected speakers, Organizer can:cover up to two nights accommodation in Turin.provide a grant towards travel expenses.provide a complimentary ticket to droidcon Italy 2020 for the speaker, plus one guest.When filling in the form, please consider that: * The conference organisation has a finite budget to put towards speakers travel and accommodation * If your company can provide you with travel and accommodation, please consider replying NO to the next question, and leaving the allocated travel budget to help more financially disadvantaged speakers (or attendees) instead * Requiring travel assistance is NOT a disqualifying factor for being selected for the CfP but it will help the organisers better plan how to spend the budget * The travel assistance budget is meant to support indie developers and diverse voices so they can make themselves heard even if they do not have the monetary means to travel to the conference, so please don't abuse it if you don't need it * As a speaker you are NOT guaranteed monetary assistance, but the organisers will do all they can to assist as many speakers as possible as most as possible with the budget they have * The general travel budget can be used to pay for up to 2 nights in an hotel during the conference, and for economy airfare/train/bus fare onlyContactinfo@droidcon.it+39 011 043 7401Paper submission deadline:25 January 2020Conference dates: 27 - 28 November 2020 all submitted sessions publicly listed on this page

Date conference starts: Fri Nov 27, 2020

Date conference ends: Fri Nov 27, 2020

Date CFP opens: Sep 1, 2020

Date CFP closes: Sep 15, 2020