Nebraska Digital Accessibility Meetup

Location: Online

Date created: Nov 14, 2020


The Nebraska Digital Accessibility Meetup is a group of technology professionals who are interested in accessibility that are based in and around the Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska metro areas. We are a small meetup with the goal of growing Nebraska digital accessibility community while keeping events free. As such, we are not able to pay speakers, and we are not able to pay for travel and lodging.We meet once a month generally on a Tuesday evening between 6 and 8pm central time. The exact date may change from month to month and depends on the availability of organizers and speakers. If we select your talk, we will contact you to make appropriate plans several weeks in advance. Please feel free to submit multiple proposals. The Nebraska Digital Accessibility Meetup is looking for speakers. We encourage anyone who is interested in accessibility to speak. You don't have to feel like you are an expert, and we encourage first time speakers to submit.Talk lengths can range from a full meetup length (30-60 minutes) to a lightning talk (5-15). Some topics that we encourage are: Advocacy, empathy, and basics of accessibility, Automated testing, Content accessibility, Design accessibility, Learning resources, Manual testing, Mobile development, Policy, processes, and legal, Specific Assistive Technologies (screen readers and other assistive technologies), Standards, Web development: HTML, CSS, JS and JS frameworks, etc., Vendor engagementDuring the COVID pandemic, our meetups will be held online. We prefer that speakers pre-record their talk so that we can professionally caption the video and avoid as many live-streaming hiccups as possible. We can work with you to pre-record and caption your talk.Please review our code of conduct before submitting. 

Date conference starts: Fri Jan 1, 2021

Date conference ends: Fri Jan 1, 2021

Date CFP opens: Nov 13, 2020

Date CFP closes: Dec 18, 2020