UX Y'all 2021

UX Y’all is the annual conference hosted by the Triangle UXPA, a North Carolina chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association. Conference DateSeptember 23-24, 2021LocationVirtualThemeUnity - connecting our different experiences, spaces, and strengths together. Let’s explore how UX can inspire togetherness through our products and practices.Example topics might include: making teams more inclusive, responsible and inclusive design practices, design systems, and collaborating in remote/virtual/hybrid environments. INSTRUCTIONSPlease read the following before submitting your proposal.Deadline: July 19, 2021. No late submissions will be considered.Blind review process: Do not include any identifying information in your session description. Avoid using speaker names, companies, products, email addresses, or affiliation statuses.Review timeline: Sessions will be evaluated after the Call for Speakers closes, and speakers will be notified of decisions as soon as possible.Editing your session: If you need to make changes to your submission, please email brooke.fisher@triuxpa.org by the deadline. After the deadline has passed, you cannot change the proposal.Submission limit: No more than 2 submissions per person please. (This includes being a second presenter or panelist in another session.)Session Formats:Presentation (40 mins): Share ideas and experiences related to UX or other relevant, controversial, or emerging issues.Panel (40 mins): Present ideas and experiences in groups of 3-5 people with a session moderator.Workshop (40 mins): Demonstrate a research or design technique with audience participation.Lightning Talk (10 mins): Speak on something short and informative.Out of the Box (40 mins): Surprise us!If you use assistive technology and have issues with the submission form, please contact brooke.fisher@triuxpa.org for assistance.

Thu Sep 23, 2021 to Thu Sep 23, 2021
Jun 18, 2021 to Jul 19, 2021
Jun 16, 2021