Azure Saturday - Belgrade 2021

Azure Saturday is the biggest community-driven free event in this part of Europe. Organized by Azure Serbia, our mission is still the same, share knowledge about Microsoft Azure as much as possible.Azure Saturday will bring together Azure Experts from the region and the rest of Europe, with the same goal, to learn and have fun. Hello speakers,Like many other events during the last year, Azure Saturday Belgrade 2021 will be a virtual event since speakers and attendees' safety is our top priority.Proposed sessions can be anything within Microsoft Azure, from IaaS to SaaS. Sessions and workshops should be more technical than sales-oriented, from level 200 to level 400 (intermediate to expert level). All sessions and workshops are welcome (developer, DevOps, IT pro, security...) and must be delivered in the English language.The session duration is limited to 45 minutes, including Q&A, whereas workshops must fit in 4 hours of delivering material.The number of workshops, which will be delivered on Friday 19.02.2021, depends on sponsors, and each workshop will be sponsored with €400.All sessions will be delivered on the main conference day (20.02.2021) throughout all day to encourage and support speakers from different time zones. Optionally, your session could be pre-recorded. It would be appreciated if you could join Q&A during the broadcast of your session.Join us to make Azure Saturday - Belgrade 2021 great again.Cheers!

Fri Feb 19, 2021 to Fri Feb 19, 2021
Nov 1, 2020 to Dec 31, 2020
Nov 1, 2020