Newcrafts Paris 2020

Location: NEWCAP Event Center, 3, Quai de Grenelle

Date created: Feb 3, 2020


Created by developers for developers, NewCrafts is an independent and international event on software development held annually in Paris, Bordeaux & Toulouse.Because we believe it is not enough for code to work; we want to question the way we develop, how we perceive our profession and craft.NewCrafts is an ephermeral learning ground to share our cornucopian enthusiasm for creating artful software! General informationNewcrafts is an international event, all talks are expected in english.Main topics are : #craftingSoftware #programmingParadigms  #design #architecture #ddd #devOps #devPractices #agile #ethics. Other topics are welcome if you believe they are relevant to your fellow software crafters.Talks last 45 minutes. Q&A sequences should be included in this time.Lightning talks last 20 minutes. Q&A sequences should be included in this time.Workshops last 120 minutes. Small workshops last 60 minutes. Maximum 2 speakers. Speakers selected through the call for papers will have free access both days of the conference and will be invited to the speaker dinner the day before the conference.Call for papers will end when all speaking slots are fulfilled.Attendee ProfileEven though Newcrafts is very much focused on software development, we strive to be open to a broader range of topics.Our participants are mainly experienced developers who want to go beyond usual development topics. They're not coming to learn about the latest framework but they're looking for food for thought instead. Don't hesitate to challenge them, raise the bar!We do love to hear people speaking about ethics, diversity, philosophy, sociology & art just to name a few topics represented in earlier editions ( Expenses Speakers who need it (ie: from outside Paris) can have their expenses covered. They will be reimbursed after the conference on reception of their receipts. Also if your company was likely to pay for your travel to Paris, we'd be pleased to consider them as one of our sponsors (logo on every supports and twitter communication).Code of ConductWe expect all participants, including speakers, to support our Code of Conduct, the core of which is this: a conference should be a safe and productive environment for everyone.Read it here: Code of Conduct

Date conference starts: Thu May 28, 2020

Date conference ends: Thu May 28, 2020

Date CFP opens: Dec 11, 2019

Date CFP closes: Mar 1, 2020