Power BI Days Belgium 2020-05

Location: Satenrozen 10, 2550 Kontich, Belgium

Date created: Feb 3, 2020

URL: https://www.powerbidays.com/allevents/belgium-power-bi-days-2020-01-25

This CFP is for the event in Belgium. Looking for the Virtual Power BI Days? go here: cfp.powerbidays.com

Power BI Days is a free conference by the community and for the community. This is THE place in Belgium to learn about Power BI, share your Power BI experience and get to know other people.The conference is organised by the Flemish Power BI User Group.During the Power BI Days you'll be able to learn from the experience that other community members have in a wide variety of topics.
Building and Designing Dashboards, Reports and Apps
Explore, shape and model your data
Administration, Governance and Distribution
Data Science and Custom Development This CFP is for the event in Belgium, that means travel to Belgium.Looking for the Virtual Power BI Days? go here: cfp.powerbidays.com Sessions & lightning talks
Session selection will be based on the best general schedule that can be made with all submitted sessions. Want to increase your chances of getting selected?Submit multiple sessions that cover beginner to advanced content over a broad spectrum of topics.Actual use cases are preferred over theoretical sessions.If your 45min long session can also be delivered as a 5min or 20min session, do mention that in the comments.
WorkshopsThere are 2 rooms that each fit 12 people for workshops.
Workshops should be interactive and hands-on and can be half or full day long.
In previous editions 1 total beginner workshop (dashboard in a day) was selected and 1 more advanced workshop.Free workshops are preferred, but if you require attendees to pay a fee, please mention that and the required amount in the comments.CFS Timeline- 2019/01/01: CFP Opens- 2019/04/14: CFP Closes- 2019/02/16: Confirmations for selected sessions are sent- 2019/02/18: Speakers who didn't confirm yet will be replaced by other speakers- 2019/02/20: non-selected speakers receive an email stating so- 2019/03/01: Speakers receive a leaflet with information (including a public link to their session to promote it)Questions?Don't hesitate to get in touch via twitter DM (@JanMulkens), LinkedIn (Jan Mulkens), facebook (Jan Mulkens) or email (jan@janmulkens.be) if you have questions.

Date conference starts: Sat May 30, 2020

Date conference ends: Sat May 30, 2020

Date CFP opens: Jan 1, 2020

Date CFP closes: Apr 14, 2020