Low Code Today: Call for Papers

Location: Online

Date created: Oct 6, 2020

URL: https://lowcodetoday.com

The low-code revolution is upon us, as the COVID-19 pandemic and economic conditions have pushed organizations to innovate faster and accelerate their digital transformation efforts. Low-code technologies help organizations bridge the gap between business and development, empowering IT to build solutions that advance the business with minimal involvement from developers. This virtual event on November 19, 2020 will highlight some of the ways low-code is changing the face of application development and how organizations are using low-code technologies to not just survive in today’s business climate but thrive. INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:Name, Company, Job TitleYour BioTitle of your Proposed TalkAbstract of your Proposed Talk GUIDELINES FOR TITLES + ABSTRACTS:Talks must be vendor neutral. Sessions should focus on generally educating attendees and sharing knowledge. Product/marketing pitches will not be accepted.Proposed talks should focus on how low-code technologies have revolutionized application development either from an organization-level, customer-level, or individual-level (see tracks).TRACKS:Steering the Charge: These sessions should focus on Low-Code/No-Code from a high-level, organizational perspective shared by CIOs, business leaders, and IT managers. What are the strategic approaches, considerations, and challenges with bringing LCNC tools to an organization? How is LCNC revolutionizing businesses? What will the future of app development look like?Learning by Doing: These sessions should focus customers who have brought LCNC tech to their organizations through case studies and experiences. How has your company used LCNC tools? What was the impact? What lessons were learned? Enabling the Citizen Developer: These sessions should focus on the "Citizen Developer" and how LCNC tech has helped them improve a business process or general productivity. Sessions can be technical applications of LCNC tools through demonstrations, workshops, and how-to tutorials. ACCEPTED SESSION FORMATS:Individual PresentationPanel Discussion with 2-3 panelistsCase Studies with Customers Fireside ChatsLive Q&A SessionDemo or How-to Tutorial (vendor-neutral focus)SESSION LENGTH: Sessions should be between 25 - 30 minutesSessions with panel discussions or 2+ presenters can be between 30 - 45 minutes TARGET AUDIENCE:Citizen Developers (general business users who can build apps without having to write code)Professional App Developers (using low-code tech to simplify their work and deliver high-caliber applications) IT DepartmentsBusiness ExecutivesThought LeadersThose looking to learn more about LCNC (what it is and how to get started) 

Date conference starts: Thu Nov 19, 2020

Date conference ends: Thu Nov 19, 2020

Date CFP opens: Oct 14, 2020

Date CFP closes: Oct 31, 2020