Big Mountain Data and Dev Conference

Location: Online

Date created: Aug 17, 2020


Big Mountain Data and Dev Conference is the premier technical agnostic conference in the state.  This year we will be doing the event entirely online. The event will span two days and be free and open to all. We will still have amazing content and many different technologies showcased.  Now is your chance to present and help build and maintain this amazing technical community we have.  Presenting at the event this year will be very different than other years since it is entirely online.  We will have trainings and mentoring to help you get acquianted with presenting online without an audience.  We will also have discussions on the platform we are using on how you will be able to use it for your presentation. We have not fully defined our Keynote schedule right now but we will be posting that soon.  We are looking for Keynote sessions if you are interested in doing a Keynote.  Sessions are planned for during the day on Thursday and Friday.  All sessions right now will be 60 minutes in length.  We will have discussion and hallway track options open as well.  We will be looking for volunteers to help facilitate conversation on various topics.Sessions will be recorded and then added to Utah Geek Events Youtube channel after the event.    Why present? Improve your skills and help others.  Presenting allows you to learn something even better than before and in the process you are helping others to gain information.  Advocate something you are passionate about.  If you really love a technology/topic share it with others!  Passion and drive show during presentations and will help others see that as well.  Name/Services Recognition.  If you are interested in getting more projects in the future or perhaps a new job/different career. Presenting on something not only shows how willing you are to learn but you are willing to help others. It is a great addition to any resume to be part of a community. Make connections/Network.  Networking is key to moving forward in your career and presenting to others is a great way to build your network since people will want to hear from you.  You will get a really cool shirt!  I know we all have too many of these but you can say you are just one of a few that has a coveted "Speaker Shirt" from Big Mountain Data and Dev.Session SelectionHow we approach speaker selection. The schedule right now has room for about 50 sessions(still in flux). Sessions will be 60 minutes in length we suggest 45 minutes for presentations and 15 minutes for Q&A.  All presenters will only have 1 speaking slot until all presenters have a slot. Once the schedule has been filled we will then go back to the sessions and take second sessions from presenters based ranking of the abstract/presentation by committee.. I have included an example below to make this clear.Pat Submitted 3 sessions to speak and the vote breakdown was like this. session1 = 2nd rank, session2 = 3rd rank, session3 =1st rank.Nick Submitted 2 sessions to speak and the vote breakdown was like this. session1 = 2nd rank, session2 = 1st rank.Pat would get Session3 placed on the schedule. Nick would then get his session2 placed on the schedule. This would continue through all speakers, after the last speaker had a slot chosen then we would go back and pat would also get session1 for 2nd rank(depending on other speakers and other ranks as well).One of the primary goals of the event is to grow the speaker community. We encourage you submit to speak.  If you are a new speaker and would like a review of your presentation or help with practicing please contact us below.  We are happy to help you out.  This event is designed to be a combination of Big Data and Utah Code Camp.  As we mentioned earlier we want as many technical topics represented as possible.  If you have any additional questions contact Pat  all submitted sessions publicly listed on this page

Date conference starts: Thu Oct 22, 2020

Date conference ends: Thu Oct 22, 2020

Date CFP opens: Aug 15, 2020

Date CFP closes: Oct 1, 2020