Certification Saturday 2021

Location: Online

Date created: Jan 9, 2021

URL: https://events.powercommunity.com/certification-saturday

The event is to help people with their journey into Microsoft cloud-based certifications for Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, and Microsoft 365. This day is all about learning and certification, although there will be a lot on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform this day covers all Microsoft certifications but not just Microsoft - everything associated including Project Management, Agile, and non-technical skills. For example, I welcome sessions on PROSCI and Agile certifications.There are a number of topics I think need to be coveredLearning methods  Resources available Which exam should you take
How to prepare for an exam Exam prep for a specific examInspiration - what was your learning journey Please submit either a session on learning explaining what you will cover, or an Exam prep where you will walk through the exam contents.For exam prep, please cover the exam objectives. There will be other sessions that will cover the generic topics such as how to sign up for an exam and how to revise. Exam prep need to focus on the particular exam. Note 1: Last time there were not many submissions on exam prep and the ones that we had tended to be on the same exam e.g. Developer, so please submit for the functional exams as well, you will have more chance of being accepted. Also please set out what you will cover in your session and not just "exam prep for MB-230". Note 2: Last time I ran this we had a lot of experience sessions submitted which were very similar so please provide as much information as you can in your submission. I may reach out and ask you to change your session if we have a lot of overlap between sessions. You can see the previous sessions at https://sessionize.com/api/v2/ae0lugsp/view/GridSmartExam Prep and Learning sessions will be 45 minutes,Workshops will be 4 hours. Workshops will be a deeper dive into an exam. all submitted sessions publicly listed on this page

Date conference starts: Sat Apr 10, 2021

Date conference ends: Sat Apr 10, 2021

Date CFP opens: Jan 10, 2021

Date CFP closes: Mar 26, 2021