OWASP Karachi Call For Speakers

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
OWASP Karachi is a new chapter launched in year 2021. We would be showcasing Webinars, Seminars, physcial / virtual meetups for Software Security generally, and the topics could delve into Network Security, Application Security, Information Security, Security Automation and SecDevOps arenas.Submit your talk, whereby we would review them and let you know if you could present them.
Important note before you begin your submission process. We love marketing, consulting and sales folks in the OWASP community. However, OWASP Karachi, along with OWASP.ORG enforces a “No Vendor Pitch” policy on speaking submissions.
This includes companies providing technology tools, promoting free “open source tool” topics as veiled vendor stories, services and consulting. Submissions from vendors discussing their own products, open source, or services will not be considered and will immediately be rejected.
If you are a Project Leader in any OWASP Chapter, only then you could provide vendor pitches in your talk / webinar about that Project.

Speaker Guidelines:Do you have a certain technical knowledge in any area of Software Security? Can you explain it in simple words to the audience ? Would you like to be a speaker at one of our Webinars?
Then submit your presentations in due time during the Call for Speakers using sessionize. Provide us the abstract of your Session from 500 to 1800 characters.
Contribute your knowledge to the event and submit one or more presentations to our CfS platform Sessionize.

Something to Consider when Submitting We are looking for practical, real world solutions. While presentations may mention tools and services in passing as part of an integrated solution, they may not contain pitches for those products or services. We realize everyone works for someone. The presentation may include one screen introducing the speaker and their affiliation with a company, but this should not include a veiled offer of a product or service. There should be no other visual company logo other than on the title slide, the speaker introduction slide and the closing slide.

Get Approval to Present Before Submitting Get approval BEFORE submitting. We've had situations where submissions are accepted and then the presenter is blocked from participating because the company will not allow them to speak. This isn't just disappointing for you, it is for us, too.
Check with your legal department. Check with your marketing department. Check with your manager. Let them know you will be presenting live, online and the session will be recorded for viewing after your presentation. Get their approval before submitting.
Use the following OWASP Template while making your presentations https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1H8-RvF8dQ0mcR2_m4cnGWfXCVHj70_Vwk45ODj3gZ84/copy
and then make your presentation on this template

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