DataMinutes #2

DataMinutes is the fastest event in the Microsoft Data Platform space yet and this will be our second edition!The whole event will run on a single track with 10 minute lightning talks only. That's 10 minutes per session with no live Q&A. Q&A will be handled through our website afterwards where we will also be posting recordings of each session. It is up to the presenters if they pre-record or present live and if they use slides, whiteboard, demos or a mix of them. Surprise us with FAST brain melting deep dives or mind opening introductions to products and technologies!Ben Weissman & William Durkin (The guys from DataGrillen)

If you want to submit to speak at DataMinutes, please check the following requirements:The session must be in English
Session length will be 10 minutes
Sessions will be online (e.g. MS Teams/Zoom, platform TBD)Sessions will be recorded and hosted for future viewingYou can present live or pre-record your sessionYou will provide Q&A after the event on the DataMinutes siteAny questions left unanswered? Send us an email at

Fri Jan 21, 2022 to Fri Jan 21, 2022
Aug 13, 2021 to Oct 17, 2021
Aug 14, 2021