Music City Tech 2020

Location: Nossi College of Art

Date created: Mar 2, 2020


Music City Tech is a three-day event consisting of simultaneous conferences, each focused on a particular community of technology professionals. The event kicks off on Thursday with interactive workshops, followed by two days of seminars, panel discussions, open spaces, and lightning talks. The event concludes with the Geek Jam Attendee Party where all attendees get to relax and enjoy food, games, and the Music City Experience.The Music City Code conference caters to developers and touches on all aspects of software and website development.The Music City Agile conference brings together agile thought leaders, coaches, and trainers to share their valuable experiences and learn to leverage agile principles in their workplace.The Music City Data conference focuses on big data trends, modern data management, self-service business intelligence, and machine learning. THE BENEFITS Experienced speakers understand that giving a presentation or running a workshop requires extensive preparation and unpaid time, but they do it because the benefits are well worth the effort.Free Admission As a speaker, you receive an all-access pass to the entire event, including admission to sessions and social events for all three conferences.VIP DinnerWhat do you get when you combine savory food, strong drinks, and brilliant minds? That would be the annual VIP Dinner, where you’ll have an opportunity to hang out with other speakers and select industry leaders. This would also be an excellent time to abuse the open bar tab…unless your presentation is the first thing the next morning.VIP Treatment We take pretty good care of our attendees, but that’s nothing compared to the legendary hospitality we shower on our speakers. After all, you have more important things to worry about than finding a snack or drink.The Music City Experience
Need an excuse to visit Nashville, TN? We would be happy to write a note to your employer explaining the benefits of sending you to speak on their behalf. We have excellent suggestions for entertainment and cuisine while you’re in town. Regardless of whether you’re visiting or a local, the Music City Experience is about more than tourist attractions. Bring your favorite instrument or borrow one of ours to rock out with Geek Jam Band karaoke.Personal and Professional Last, but certainly not least, is the professional recognition and personal development that comes with being a conference speaker. While these benefits can be more difficult to measure, they are usually the most valuable in the long run.THE PROCESS Save the Date (8/27-8/29) Sessions will take place on Friday, August 28th and Saturday, August 29th, so clear your calendar for those days at a minimum. If you’re interested in presenting or attending workshops, those will be held prior to the main event on Thursday, August 27th.Craft Your Submission You’ll need a catchy title, compelling abstract and a short bio to let us know who you are. For guidelines and tips for getting your submission accepted, check out the guidelines below.Submit Your Idea
Don’t let procrastination ruin your chance to get picked. We’ll be accepting submissions through April 30th, but the review process has already begun. It takes time to consider each entry and sometimes our selection committee has questions, so getting your idea in early is a great way to ensure it has the best chance possible.Talk About It Share your submission idea. Let others know what you’re proposing and encourage them to submit as well. The more buzz our selection committee sees about a topic, the more convinced they will be that attendees will be interested. Of course, we also just really appreciate y’all helping to get the word out. We’ll even write the tweet for you so all you have to do is click here.Watch Your Email
You never know when the selection committee might need to contact you for clarification or to get more information about your proposal. We promise not to keep you waiting long and will begin notifying selected speakers in mid-May. Selections will be finalized and the schedule announced by mid-June.SUBMISSION GUIDELINES
Here’s some advice on crafting your submission:1. Specify who the session is for exactlyWho is your projected audience? That is what you need to ask yourself when crafting your abstract. Is it for new coders or more experienced? Designers, Developers, or Managers? Knowing who your audience sets the tone of creating your abstract to fit your audience. 2. Spend time coming up with a good titleFirst impressions are everything. The best way to make an impression is with an excellent title. You need a balance between hooking your reader in and giving a snippet of your talk. The title should be brief, but be informative enough to let attendees know if they should review your abstract for more details.3. Pitch the benefits of your session in the abstractUse your abstract as the sales pitch to why the community should vote for your session. They are asking themselves, “Is this talk beneficial to me? How can it help me move forward in my own endeavors?” In this preview to your work, give them the reason why your talk will benefit them and how it can help them achieve their goals. Answer your colleagues’ questions in the abstract but don’t give away all your secrets. Leave them wanting more by only hitting the high notes of your talk. By conference time, they will be ready for your entire pitch.4. Tell your audience exactly what they will receive during your hourAttendees are always asking themselves what they can benefit from your talk. They also like to hear certain things that can help their business. Be upfront with them and tell them what they can gain. Is it just an hour of your knowledge or will you be providing them with additional resources, libraries, or slide decks?

Date conference starts: Thu Aug 27, 2020

Date conference ends: Thu Aug 27, 2020

Date CFP opens: Mar 1, 2020

Date CFP closes: Apr 30, 2020