Kafka Summit 2020

Location: Online

Date created: Apr 28, 2020

URL: https://events.kafka-summit.org/2020

Discover the World of Streaming DataAs streaming platforms become central to data strategies, companies both small and large are re-thinking their architecture with real-time context at the forefront. Monoliths are evolving into Microservices. Datacenters are moving to the cloud. What was once a ‘batch’ mindset is quickly being replaced with stream processing as the demands of the business impose more and more real-time requirements on developers and architects.This revolution is transforming industries.What started at companies like LinkedIn, Uber, Netflix and Yelp has made its way to countless others in a variety of sectors. Today, thousands of companies across the globe build their businesses on top of Apache Kafka®. The developers responsible for this revolution need a place to share their experiences on this journey.Kafka Summit is the premier event for data architects, engineers, devops professionals, and developers who want to learn about streaming data. It brings the Apache Kafka community together to share best practices, write code, and discuss the future of streaming technologies.Welcome to Kafka Summit 2020! Do you have a great Kafka story to share?Speaking at Kafka Summit is a great way to connect with hundreds of your peers, become more involved in the Kafka community, and have a public platform for you to share your story of the future of streaming platform.Abstract SubmissionsWe are looking for your most interesting, most informative, most advanced, and most generally applicable talks on Apache Kafka® and the tools, technologies, and techniques in the Kafka ecosystem. Winning submissions will make it clear that you understand how to take your knowledge and experience and transfer it to Kafka Summit attendees. For example:A deep dive into a recent Kafka feature or a KIP under developmentPatterns you have developed while building event-driven systemsDevelopment techniques, libraries, and debugging techniques that have helped you build event-driven systemsAn experience report about the Kafka-based system you’ve built, including takeaways that the audience can put into practice right awayBeginner-level introductions to Kafka, Connect, the Streams API, KSQL, and other ecosystem toolsSpecific explanations of how Kafka and stream processing enabled you to build a solution unique to your industry, and applicable to others with similar use casesSubmit fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and thought-provoking discussions that will give our attendees a good time and send them home better-informed and more capable than they came. So do your best to stand out by submitting relevant, engaging, creative, and entertaining proposals. Speaking sessions are 40 minutes in length including time for Q&A. You must submit a separate entry for each topic.Key submission fields to prepare:Previous speaking experience (100 words max)Speaker bio (100 words max)Session titleSession Description (include Key Takeaways)What You’ll Get If You’re Selected:Full conference passExclusive swag only available to speakersRecognition on the Kafka Summit Austin 2020 website, with your headshot and bioAdoration of your peers Important Dates:Call for Papers opens: February 4, 2020Call for Papers closes: May 17, 2020  Notifications sent: June 15, 2020Presentations due for initial review: July 20, 2020Presentations due for final approval: August 10, 2020==Please review the Kafka Summit Code of Conduct.

Date conference starts: Mon Aug 24, 2020

Date conference ends: Mon Aug 24, 2020

Date CFP opens: Feb 3, 2020

Date CFP closes: May 17, 2020