Andreas Creten

30-year-old entrepreneur with development skills.


How to actually get software built

60-minute keynote talk at beginner level

Remote: how to really do it. Experiences from running a team on 4 continents.

45-minute keynote talk at beginner level

Transforming legacy into success

25-minute keynote talk at beginner level

Why programmers (we) never manage to make a product

20-minute keynote talk at beginner level

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Andreas is a founding partner and CEO at madewithlove. Operating as ad interim CTO or VP of product management, he focuses on helping product companies to set up for success by pivoting the organisation; to be user-centered, to be able to help employees flourish and to leverage technology in the best way to optimize for usability, quality and speed.

As a firm believer in data & knowledge sharing, you’ll regularly find Andreas working on open-source projects and speaking at conferences.