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Scaling Diversity - to a global level

45 minute beginner keynote


Diversity has become a kind of mainstream topic. Every event advertise diversity in one way or another. Every company – especially in the tech sector – has their own ideas on how diverse they are.

But what does Diversity mean? Is the percentage of female employees enough? And what does Diversity mean on a global level? Things that are perfectly normal in one country are far beyond reach in another one.

For me, visiting countries considered to be amongst the poorest in the world was mind-boggling. Meeting local developers has opened my eyes to how privileged I am and how little I'd realized that before.

Let me take you on a journey to interesting countries, wonderful people and a lot of things we all can do to scale diversity to a global level. To not only help the people in "underdeveloped" countries but also to help our own technical communities to grow and to include much more diverse ideas.