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Speaker resume

I’ve been a professional programmer since 2016. Since then I have developed myself as an Scrum Developer with a rich Domain Driven Design background.

Besides being a (home schooled) developer for quite some time, I studied social sciences and have worked as a youth community worker for over 5 years. I have a rich background in group-dynamics and cooperation.

Speaker highlights
- DDD Europe 2018 - (Di|Con)vergent Mob Refactoring
- PHP Yorkshire 2018 - (Di|Con)vergent Mob Refactoring
- DevDays Vilnius 2018 - (Di|Con)vergent Mob Refactoring
- ScotlandPHP 2018 - Improve your team synergy w/The Attitude Model
- DDD Europe 2019 - Explore.Decide.Soultions

Diplomas and certificates
- Bachelor of Social Work
- Certified Scrum Master
- Certified Scrum Product Owner