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How PHP Took Me From Intern To CTO

45 minute beginner workshop


I remember my entry into the world of web development like it was yesterday. Typing "how to display data in a table in HTML" into Google for the very first website I was trying to build. Over the years, I've grown from an intern who didn't know the difference between Java and Javascript to a lead developer mentoring other new developers, to now running a consultancy as the CTO.

In this talk, we'll look at some of the tools and techniques I used to get there, as well as I my advice for mentoring others and bringing up others behind you. We will talk about what we consider when hiring developers new to the field as well as how we help them grow.

Whether you're a new developer looking to advance or someone in a role where you're managing and mentoring others, you'll take away something valuable to make both you and your team stronger.