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How We Tried (and Failed) to Grow Our Team By Making Our First Hire

45 minute beginner seminar


When you run your own business, there (hopefully) comes a time where you have more work than you can handle and are considering hiring an employee or contractor to help you out. Even though the fantasy is that this new employee comes in and instantly takes over some of your workload, the truth is that they'll have a lot to lean before they can reach their full potential.

In this talk we'll explore:

  • How hiring your first employee actually takes up more of your time before it starts to lessen your workload
  • How setting clear expectations and communicating directly sets you and your new hire up for success (and how things started to go south when we didn't)
  • How to account for all the things you "just know" as the business owner, but that your new hire will have to learn
  • How to make sure your business processes are in order before you bring somebody on

When you ask someone to come work for you and help grow your business, you are as much responsible for their success as they are. Come learn how to avoid some of our mistakes and take the first step to taking back some of your time!