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How to learn NodeJS really damn quickly! for PHP developers

150 minute intermediate workshop


We all know some Javascript, some of us know more than others. Its seems to be the one language that every web developer seems to have in common regardless if your primary language is PHP, Ruby, Python or .NET

Seeing that its so prevalent I'm going to show you how what was a browser based language has now evolved into a fast, robust and scalable server side language.

This will be a beginners introduction to NodeJS, I'll walk you through a simple getting started tutorial, where we learn about the ecosystem and ways to bootstrap a project and will give you the foundations for creating your own NodeJS projects. We will then build a working application from one of the more popular framework that will demonstrate all of the basics you would come to expect of a programming language.

I will also walk you through some of the fantastic features that are available in the latest iteration of the ECMAScript syntax (ES6) that NodeJS is built around and how with those features you can write code that actually seems to resemble PHP. This will also give us the opportunnity to look at some of the traps that are every easily fell into by the unwitting newcomer to NodeJS.

And if we have the time... we will even demonstrate how simple it is to wrap your application up so that you can distribute it as a stand alone application or mobile app.