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Making Gene: Creating a virtual world with Javascript

50 minute intermediate seminar


On the frontend, Javascript tends to be used for taking normal page elements--forms, links, page loads, etc.--and making them work better, easier, and faster. Single-Page apps go a step further and replace the entire frontend with Javascript. But even with SPAs, you're still allowing the user to do the same things.

With Genentech's Making Medicine project, my team was tasked with creating a 2.5D virtual environment that users would navigate through like it was a simulator--but using just Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Learn how, without any advanced knowledge of complicated Javascript structures or using any complex third-party 3d plugins, we created a little world for our users, right in Javascript. Along the way, you'll learn some simple but powerful Javascript patterns and how to use Javascript to take your user interactions to the next level.