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Learning from others

45 minute beginner seminar


As a rather young industry, built on life long learning and set on disrupting the world, IT is actually pretty bad in learning from others. For unknown reasons, we love 'reinventing the wheel' and dissing 'those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it' ideas.

Some years ago, I've noticed how much my community (PHP) is reluctant to learn from others. We tend to try to solve a lot of problems which have already been solved - for decades - in other communities.

However, this talk will focus more on what we can learn from other industries: from paths of teaching through apprenticeship, team dynamics, psychology in sports and even corporate environments.

If you feel we already learn so well: why do we cycle thru ideas every 5-10 years: age of fat clients, thin clients, fat clients ... did we learn nothing from previous generations? Do we even know why they switched? Do we have anyone to ask what was the reasoning?

Can you think of other industry that has only 30% of projects considered a success? Has our safety harness became so good we are so used to failure as default behaviour, embracing it as a way of life?