Rafael Dohms

I love speaking, teaching and meeting new communities. If you are looking for someone to speak at your conference then I would love to come visit your conference, company, user group.

For most cases all I ask for is for you to cover hotel and travel, for in-company talks I do ask for an extra charge.

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A Journey into your Lizard Brain

45-minute keynote talk at beginner level

Application Metrics (with Prometheus examples)

45-minute seminar talk at beginner level

Communicate like a tourist

45-minute seminar talk at beginner level

How'd we get here? A guide to Architectural Decision Records

45-minute seminar talk at beginner level

The Individual Contributor Path

45-minute seminar talk at beginner level

“Writing code that lasts” … or writing code you won’t hate tomorrow.

45-minute seminar talk at beginner level


Bio (Long Bio)

Rafael Dohms graduated as a Computer Engineer and focused today on Systems Architecture. He had his start in PHP but now operates agnostic of the language, designing systems and growing engineers. His passion for teaching and communicating led him to be a public speaker, User Group Organizer and help teams be more productive. Topics will range from code quality, innovation, career building, and systems architecture, always looking to inspire a new generation.

He has built various successful User Groups, with AmsterdamPHP being his home since 2012. He also has the plan to teach himself out of a speaking career by mentoring new speakers who can hopefully reach further than he ever will (if you don’t see him at an event, he was likely successful).

In his free time, he is a father to Chloe and a hero to NPCs as you are likely to find him gaming, enjoying time with Chloe, or teaching her to love gaming as he does. He will often take breaks to walk Bella his dog, as her stare is compelling.