Viraj Khatavkar

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

My name is Viraj and I'm a frontend developer, backend developer, creator of Deploy-Tantra, conference organizer, blogger, and work at Harbor Compliance.

I also love reading and teaching about "marketing" skills--getting customers for your Saas app, promoting your app in which creates trust.

This is just a sample of a few of my talks. Please feel free to contact me to hear about more talks I have given and could give.

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Bake with Cake - Development to Production

60-minute seminar talk at beginner level

Committing the commit message

45-minute seminar talk at beginner level

Continuous Delivery - Implementing in the right way!

45-minute seminar talk at beginner level

Real-Time Apps with Laravel and Sockets

60-minute seminar talk at beginner level

Server Admin for Web Developers

180-minute workshop talk at beginner level

Testing for people who hate testing

45-minute seminar talk at beginner level


Bio (Default)

After managing teams and developing Web Applications for over five years, Viraj has a deep understanding of the online world. He embraced the PHP Community, specialized in PHP/Javascript development with most of his experience in CakePHP, Laravel and Vue. He works for Harbor Compliance and curates open cfps at as a hobby.

I have presented at conferences until 2017 viz. Cakefest 2016, Cakefest 2017, NEPHP, PeersConf, Joomla World Conference, and taken a break after that. I am looking forward to restart my speaking engagements again. You can see my talk reviews at