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A practical introduction to event sourcing

45-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

A practical introduction to snapshot testing

20-minute lightning talk at beginner level

Building a dashboard with Laravel, Vue and Pusher

50-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

Taking care of backups with Laravel

45-minute seminar talk at beginner level

The story behind our open source efforts

30-minute seminar talk at beginner level


Bio (Freek Van der Herten)

Freek Van der Herten is a developer and partner at [Spatie] ( You can find him [on Twitter]( and read his blogposts on PHP and Laravel at [](

Spatie has an open source first mentality and has released [many Laravel, PHP and JavaScript packages]( The company has created several [digital products and video courses]( such as [Testing Laravel](, [Laravel Beyond CRUD](, [Ray](, [Mailcoach](, and [Flare](

After hours Freek runs the [Oh Dear](, organises [the official Laravel Worldwide meetup]( and the [Full Stack Europe]( conference.