Freek Van der Herten

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A practical introduction to snapshot testing

20-minute lightning talk at beginner level

Building a dashboard with Laravel, Vue and Pusher

50-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

Getting started with event sourcing in a Laravel app

45-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

Taking care of backups with Laravel

45-minute seminar talk at beginner level

The story behind our open source efforts

30-minute seminar talk at beginner level

Bio (Freek Van der Herten)

Freek Van der Herten is a developer and partner at [Spatie] (, an Antwerp based company that specializes in creating Laravel apps. The company has an open source first mentality and has released many Laravel, PHP and JavaScript packages.

After hours Freek runs the [Oh Dear!]( and [DNS Spy]( monitoring services. He's also a co-organiser of the [Full Stack Antwerp User group]( and of the upcoming [Full Stack Europe]( conference.