Tomáš Votruba

Prague, The Czech Republic, Europe

I organize meetups and co-oganize conference in the Czech Republic in

I have also experience with speaking at international meetups and conferences. For my references, see:


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10 tips to Write code that Teaches Knowledge for You

30-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

Code-review? Upgrade? Refactoring? Let Your CI Help and Work for You

30-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

How Monorepo Can Save Your Company

25-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

How to Instantly Upgrade your Legacy Code in Minutes

30-minute keynote talk at intermediate level

Setup Easy Coding Standard under 5 minutes

15-minute lightning talk at beginner level


Bio (Tomas Votruba)

Tomas loves to combine open-source and innovations... yet he's super lazy. Traumatized in childhood by doing repeated tasks as a punishment by his father (whom he loves), he's unable to do anything twice without deep physical pain.

That's why he always spends dozens of hours to automate problems that would take and hour or two to do manually.

This extreme lazyness created the Rector ecosystem. A tool that automatically upgrades and refactores PHP, so you can have a coffee instead while your code is upgraded from PHP 5.3 to PHP 8.1.