Tomáš Votruba

I organize meetups and co-oganize conference in the Czech Republic in

I have also experience with speaking at international meetups and conferences. For my references, see:



Encoded Knowledge

20-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

How I found 1024 PHP Groups all Over the World

20-minute seminar talk at beginner level

How Monorepo Can Save Your Company

25-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

How to make Legacy Refactoring Fun Again - From Months to Days

30-minute keynote talk at intermediate level

Setup Easy Coding Standard under 5 minutes

15-minute lightning talk at beginner level

Bio (TomasVotruba)

Tomas loves PHP and connecting people, so he founded Czech & Slovak PHP Community [Pehapkari]( in 2015, where all PHP developers can share their knowledge, chat on Slack or grab a beer.

His **passion is open-source for lazy people** - instant upgrades and coding standards. He takes care of [Rector]( and [EasyCodingStandard]( packages.


Prague, The Czech Republic, Europe