Tomáš Votruba

I organize meetups and co-oganize conference in the Czech Republic in

I have also experience with speaking at international meetups and conferences. For my references, see:



Config Coding is Code Smell... Get Back to PHP and Prosper

25-minute seminar talk at beginner level

Don't teach juniors, stop writing documentation... Encode the Knowledge!

20-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

How I found 1024 PHP Groups all Over the World

20-minute seminar talk at beginner level

How Monorepo Can Save Your Company

25-minute seminar talk at intermediate level

How to make Legacy Refactoring Fun Again - From Months to Days

30-minute keynote talk at intermediate level

Setup Easy Coding Standard under 5 minutes

15-minute lightning talk at beginner level

Bio (Tomas Votruba)

Tomas loves meeting people with problems, so he founded the PHP community and maintains a list of world PHP meetups at In every meetup and every company he trained, he saw a painful pattern - exponential growth of legacy code.

He also hates doing anything twice. That's why he created Rector, to make every PHP code as if you've started yesterday. He's shared the Rector knowledge in 10 countries and 2 continents.

Some people say it's impossible, but he won't rest until the whole world runs on PHP 8.


Prague, The Czech Republic, Europe